FEBRUARY 25-27TH 2005 - Orlando, FL

Icon's Chris Woods and Simon Lynx at their first Megacon. The Icon Boys were selling Bleed and Chameleon for the first time on DVD.
Chris and Simon met a number of celebrities at Con. One of them was a long time hero of there's, Lou Ferrigno. The two are big fans of The Incredible Hulk series.
Woods and Lynx pose for a picture with actress Debbie Rochon. Debbie, along with three other film groups shared the Florida Frights booth with Icon.
An Icon standing with Icon! Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films who brought us The Toxic Avenger and many other films, talks to The Icon Boys about their films.
Simon is taken in by a group of Stormtroopers and Boba Fett.
Darth Vader tries to get Icon to come to the dark side of the force,
"This is a good way to get through the crowd." Model, Actress, Filmmaker, XZanthia takes a moment to pose for a picture next to her booth. In the background to the right, we can also see Actress and Filmmaker, Katherine Leis.
Special Effects Artist Chris Polidoro stands next to the robot from The Day The Earth Stood Still.
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The Megacon Experience


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